Our Design Methodology

UX Design

Our user-centric UX design approach gauges user attention by improving usability, accessibility, and increase interaction with the product.

User Research & Strategy

Design decision based on the needs and mindset of the targeted users. To identify their interest ,our analysis team understands potential users, competitors' strategy, and market trends.

User Personas

User personas prepare a profile on which the real customer exactly behaves. Our team analyze data through user behaviors, pain points, current market behavior, and needs to define it.

User Stories & Flows

User stories and flows work to identify the user journey while product interaction. This phase answers the questions like: How will the user know what to do? and, How to start interaction with the product?

Wireframes & Prototyping

Wireframes and prototypes are used to customize the solution for the purpose of user validation. It gives a clear picture on how solutions can be modified to meet user needs and behaviours.

User Experience Design

It is focused to develop engaging interfaces that the user interacts with. This is the last stage and gives an idea on how visual elements will look like and how the final product looks. This phase ensures responsiveness, consistency, and aesthetic parts.

Why Brands Choose Us For UX/UI Design Services

The Blue Creative is recognized to serve business needs and deliver the best-in-class design solutions across the globe. Presenting you the viewpoint of why we are the best choice when it comes to design web and mobile apps.

Customer Satisfaction

Relying on the latest frameworks and technologies to deliver the scalable, future-proof, secure design as per business requirements.

Agile Procedure

Relying on Agile methodology and working through scrum for optimizing latest practices and methods to deliver best results under UI/UX design service.

Experienced Teams

Relying on a dedicated team of UI/UX designers to deliver best-in-class business solutions through innovative technologies.

Integrity & Transparency

Understand your idea and vision and provide you every minute of any development across the process.

Flexible Engagement Models

As a UI/UX design agency, The Blue Creative doesn't have any strict parameters or working methodology for any project, so we allow clients to choose from different engagement and hiring models.

Our Expertise

Our expert team leverages the latest tools and technologies to create exceptional UI/UX designs.



Our Expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help me create the desired user behavior?

Our team starts all UI/UX design solutions through a lot of painstaking user research and competitive analysis. Our designers tend to create personas of your targeted users and create CTAs to gauge their attention. We also rely on A/B testing to examine the correct behavior.

How does a UI/UX project start?

All the UI/UX projects start with a comprehensive requirement gathering. First, it starts with creating user personas, competitive analysis, and then goes wireframing of the website/application. Well, the duration of any design process depends upon the complexity and tweaks in the design process.

Do you do web design?

As a UI/UX design company, we design websites, custom software applications, and mobile apps. We don’t consider the way to move content into a website, The Blue Creative tends to create new website designs through user research, usability testing, and A/B testing.

What does the term design-thinking mean to you?

It is based on solution-focused thinking with an intent to develop a future-proof design. It is a non-linear process that teams use to redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test.