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The Blue Creative is digital agency doing big things in Toronto and beyond!

we are

Agile & Nimble

Talent shouldn’t be limited by location.  The Blue Creative team has members from around the globe in an effort to link diverse backgrounds and world views for quality collaboration.  

We communicate effectively via online platforms and virtual meetings to facilitate client projects with expertise. With team members from Toronto and Australia, to essential teammates from abroad in the Philippines and Europe, we see the world through a diverse lens.


Female Led

As a female led design agency, we leverage our differences by creating a path to success through execution.  

We pave the path for women in tech. We love working with female entrepreneurs through a heart centred approach.

By developing a diverse team with members from around the world, we see things differently.An expert approach to design and development built on systems and operational procedures that are constantly being refined weekly via systems and operating procedures.

What others are saying

"Rabeea is extremely productive, driven and creative and it was a pleasure working with her. We have had the opportunity to collaborate on a mobile app re-design, web design and new branding strategies and I was extremely pleased with the results. Rabeea is an asset to any team and a joy to work with."

Evan S.

"We met with Rabeea and her ability to help connect with people is infectious and truly genuine. I would highly recommend Rabeea to all those who require her team’s work on building their digital media presence for their businesses."

Richard W

" Great products and services."

Walid A.
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