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Welcome to The Blue Creative, your digital agency from Toronto!


Flexible & Professional

At The Blue Creative we believe in working with the best talent. We embrace the modern culture of remote work and also believe it has the added benefit of creating a more diverse work environment.

We use the latest technologies and tools to help keep every employee on track with clients needs and deadlines throughout the project. Our skilled project managers coordinate people from Toronto to Australia, including members from the Philippines and Europe.


Led by Women

Our design agency is run by women, where we all pitch in with our skills and differences in order to create the best possible results for each project.

We believe the digital age pairs well with women working with technology, and are proud to engage a number of hard working female experts that are all passionate about technology. Because of our unique composition and principles, we have a strong idea of how to change the world for the better. 

We follow the leading theories and principles when it comes to design and development, but also bring our own experience and viewpoints to each project that we work on. This means reiterating systems and procedures regularly to keep them up to date and current in todays fast paced world.

What others are saying

"Rabeea is extremely productive, driven and creative and it was a pleasure working with her. We have had the opportunity to collaborate on a mobile app re-design, web design and new branding strategies and I was extremely pleased with the results. Rabeea is an asset to any team and a joy to work with."

Evan S.

"We met with Rabeea and her ability to help connect with people is infectious and truly genuine. I would highly recommend Rabeea to all those who require her team’s work on building their digital media presence for their businesses."

Richard W

" Great products and services."

Walid A.
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