With the development of Beu salons can now handle bookings and appointments in a clever, modern way.


Clients Requirements

We were hired to build a management system for salons to handle the full day to day activities, all from within a simple to use and effective app. The app was built to accommodate an unlimited number of bookings, clients and other data.

Value proposal

In order to cut down on manual time consuming labor for handling bookings, we developed a planning and scheduling app that can be customized to each individual salon. Clients can see the available times, and managers can keep track of everything easily. We also added safety features to ensure no time slot can be double booked.

Modern Platform for Salons

The goal was to invite salon owners and clients into the digital age, with a fully fledged app that includes advanced features such as reviews, business listings for beauty salons and more. The ease of which users can seamlessly book their preferred time slots make it an effective tool for the modern age. And to entice first time users, we also added an option for clients to get the first month for free.


With all these ambitious goals, our team powered through the tasks and were proud to release the completed app, full of all the features that users and managers would expect of a complete salon management system, such as bookings and more. 

The app features an advanced calendar system with online scheduling for both customers, as well as managers and salon owners who need to stay on top of planning. Managers can also create custom bookings for walkins and similar events. We also added safety features to ensure no time slot can be double booked.

The entire day to day for beauty salons can now be managed from your own smartphone.

The app has been integrated with Apple Pay to eliminate the need for other payment methods, as well as handle an unlimited and unrestricted amount of customers, booking, employees and transactions.

Our toolkit


Our Work