AIO App Limited

With the app for AIO (All in One) we designed a custom loyalty-based platform that is designed to help both customers as well as businesses.

The overall goal was to ensure that every user was presented with a clean and simple user experience, and to remove as much friction as possible in the process to help retain the user base in the future.


For most projects, one of the first steps is to analyze the current market for competitors and similar apps. Once this was complete we had ideas on how to deliver an improved app with an easy to understand interface for every user. 

Next, we worked closely with the Founder and the Sales Team to ensure a successful launch of their new website. This involved creating the initial design and UI elements for prototyping and testing, as well as to get the green light for actual development.‍

We now had the following steps laid out:

Brand Discovery

UX Design

Project Planning


Design System



Responsive Design


The AIO App Limited has been launched in a beta state, which allows it to capture potential customers via leads, and keeping them active and interested through a series of updates and notifications.

Our toolkit


Our Work