SEO Strategy

The goal of this product is to provide a customized and managed SEO solution to get more targeted traffic to your website.
We accomplish this by using a specific process to maximize your easy wins, build quality authoritative links, and develop SEO-optimized content. Our team of SEO strategists will work with you one-on-one to develop a customized and long-term strategy for your website.

Products and Deliverables

After the research is completed, we use a combination of our products (based on your budget) to produce results.

Link Building

Link Building improves your website brand signals and adds contextual relevance. These links pack a punch and mimic the path of viral content - channeling authority through foundational links back into your site.
We place diverse anchors (including, brand & partial match anchors) inside of contextually relevant articles.

Guest Posts

Guest Posts are our method of securing high-quality, contextual links that lead back to your site.  We do this by manually reaching out to relevant sites in your industry, securing a guest posting slot, and publishing an article on the site(s). 

Blog Writing

Blog Writing is our package that includes high-quality, SEO-optimized articles crafted for your site based on your competitive gap analysis. Adding content to your website shows Google that you are an authority.

Local Citations

If you have a brick and mortar or local business, it’s critical to get listed in your industry’s top directories. We use a customized process to get you NAP citations in the top directories for you niche.

SEO Process

After joining our managed SEO program, we have a specific, streamlined process to get you the best results. Here’s what it looks like:

Join Managed SEO

When joining the program, we’ll just ask a few questions about your website, niche, and competitors so we can perform our analysis.

Research Review Strategy Call

After we perform the research, we’ll compile all our findings and get on a call with you. On this call we show you all the research we completed and pick out keyword targets together. You know your business best, so we will work with you to put together an excellent customized campaign.

Initial Research

During this analysis, we’ll consider all important aspects of your campaign:

  • Penalty Check
  • Backlink Anchor Text Ratio
  • Easy Win Keywords
  • Content Gap Analysis

Campaign Design

After the call, we will design the campaign for you. By using a combination of diversity link building, high quality in-content links, and optimized blog content, our strategy will get you the best results in the shortest amount of time.  
All of our work is 100% transparent. We design the campaign and will push it to your dashboard for approval before we start any work.

Campaign Approval

As mentioned, you have complete control over your campaigns. Just log into your dashboard and approve the orders and we’ll start right away. If anything has changed between our call and when the campaign is designed, you can also let us know in your portal.

Monthly Reporting And Communication

All our reports are transparent. You will receive a .zip file of all the work completed including link and content reporting. In addition, you have the option of getting on a call to review the campaign progress. 
As we progress month over month, you will have new campaigns to approve and can contact your campaign manager at any time!

Web Strategy

Our highly trained team will execute our winning strategy tailored to your package type. Everything in our process is designed to help you stand out from your competition and rank in Google.

Content Research

We research your page, your competitors, and craft the perfect strategy for you.


If you selected Optimization, we create unique, optimized titles, descriptions, and more to make sure your page is optimized.

Content Creation

If you selected the content option, we will create new web copy for your page to help maximize your ranking potential.


Our highly trained team will execute our winning strategy tailored to your package type. Everything in our process is designed to help you stand out from your competition and rank in Google.


Ranking Keywords

Targeted Keywords

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