Location-based AR

Location-based AR apps use in-built device features such as GPS, accelerometer, and compass to identify the exact location of the user. So it provides businesses to track and target customers by their exact location.

Projection-based AR

One more application of AR in which our developers have expertise. Projection-based AR projects a virtual image on a real object within a space. This technology can be harnessed to deliver an immersive experience to the customers with the app.

Recognition-based AR

Recognition-based AR brings apps to life. The app recognizes visual markers by using QR codes and replaces them with some other objects. With the help of Wikitude Library, these apps are capable of recognizing objects with 3D imagery.

AR Game App Development

Our AR experts in gaming are equipped with all the tools and technical skill sets to develop AR gaming apps. The Blue creative relies on tools like Unity, Corona, and Unreal Engine to achieve it. Let us help you deliver immersive gaming experiences to your customers.

AR Integration to E-commerce

Our developers are experienced enough to create engaging shopping experiences for e-commerce businesses to drive sales, make business credible, boost branding and enhance in-store experiences to gain the    trust and loyalty of the customers.

AR Support & Maintenance

Apart from having expertise in AR app development, AR agency always ensures that these applications run seamlessly. Blue Creative ensures top-notch security with frequent updates, general maintenance, and emergency troubleshooting.

AR app for Android & iOS

We develop scalable and secure Augmented Reality solutions for Android and iOS platforms with the latest OS. The apps we develop are customized to deliver unique, interactive, and personalized experiences for users across multiple devices.

Industry-specific Ar Solutions


It empowers shoppers to experience the products virtually, and engages them with the immersive experience with the ability to place virtual 3D objects into real surroundings. So shoppers can move the objects the way they want for better purchase decisions.


AR can be leveraged to perform accurate and low-risk surgeries and can save a significant time. Instead of searching through electronic medical records and medical papers, AR devices can screen all the information in no time.

Marketing & Advertising

AR builds an enticing, engaging experience to bring attention to your products, advertising, and events. It will boost your sales revenue and engage more users to buy your product or subscribe to your service.


AR is very workable in PR and marketing initiatives for motion pictures, television, and other promotional campaigns. From face filters to portals, world lenses to image trackers, Snapchat to Instagram, there are so many potential uses of AR Entertainment.

Our Work

Why Choose The Blue Creative As Your Augmented Reality App Development Partner

Technical Expertise

Our AR developers bring technical efficiency across multiple platforms and combine it with cutting-edge tools and knowledge of the latest technology trends in the app development ecosystem.

Competitive Pricing

Our solutions are the best in the market in terms of technology adoption. So it ensures the most desired results for your business in the terms of competitive prices and makes them future-proof.

Custom solutions

Augmented reality mobile app development for multiple platforms Android, iOS, and their wearable devices with the optimal features and place your product or service amongst the top-notch players.

Customer-centric Apps

Efficient front-end and strong back-end for the apps to deliver scalable, secure, efficient, and personalized experiences to the customers and deliver the engaging experience every time.

Agile Methodology

Blue Creative, as an AR development service, relies on agile methodology to deliver apps within the timeframe and make apps efficient and future-proof in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an augmented reality application work?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a digital technology that overlays text, images, video, 2D/3D graphics and animations over physical objects or printed content. To make it simple, it’s a live straight or secondary view of a real-world situation whose features are “augmented” by computer-generated inputs as mentioned above.

What is the difference between marker based AR and marker-less AR?

Marker type AR uses a marker to trigger a response in the device when pointed at it. From Real estate to the entertainment industry, Marker type can be used to create visual triggers to engage the audience better. Markerless AR on the other hand, uses Geo-location to create an environment that is similar to the real world.There are no Markers present. An example of this is the game “Pokemon Go” which uses geolocation to create maps to find Pokemons.

What is the future for marker based AR with the arrival of ARkit?

ARkit introduced by Apple helps developers create AR apps which will integrate digital experiences into the physical world. By being a major purveyor for AR, it will create a huge awareness of AR among the general purpose. Marker type AR is still going strong after the introduction and is expected to be used widely. Good news for Android users is that Google has come out with ARcore which will be able to support 100 million devices.

Is there any hidden cost?

No. We discuss with you your website requirements and then price accordingly and once you have placed an order for your website design with us. We work hard so that the outlined price quote is strictly adhered to.