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Working with an existing Google Ads campaign that was not performing well, we transformed the lacking results into more than 750 leads during the first 3 months!

Here’s how we did it:



The main objective with the PPC campaign was to increase the number of leads, allowing the sales team to use their skills to secure the deals once the potential customers were interested.

The business had spent more than 6 years running ads that totaled more than $70,000, prior to us working on the campaign. 

‍Various other agencies had been attached to the campaign, though the client felt the previous efforts “really didn't move the needle much” in terms of results.

If your business is in a similar situation, we provide more details on how we did it below:

Identifying outliers and possibilities

‍In order to correctly measure success and effect, it is crucial to have the correct tracking data from your campaigns.

But as we began working on the project we quickly realized that the data we had was inaccurate, which was due to an incorrect configuration in the settings.

For some reason that reported amount of leads generated was way too high. Something was not right.

Our experts began digging around the configuration of the large PPC campaign, and eventually discovered that the lead generation tracking was set to consider every individual website hit as a lead conversion.

Needless to say, this brought a lot of inaccurate data which muddied the statistics and analysis!

Our team corrected the errors, removing any wrong configuration settings, in order for us to get the correct measurements up and running.

‍To correctly calculate the amount of leads generated, we only allowed the tracking to count a lead once the website users landed on a “thank you” page after completing a form submission. That way we were sure to know only the real leads would be counted, and now we could get to work on the new campaigns.

‍Creating New PPC Campaigns From Scratch

In order for us to provide the best service, we often consult with customers to learn more about the intricacies of the business and target user groups, so we can customize the best possible solution.

Once that has been decided on, the next step is for our experts to perform research on competitors to learn more about what works and what can be improved upon.

‍For this specific project we were working with a client selling used vehicles locally, and thus wanted to target interested people for that area.

‍Due to the old data being inaccurate, we decided to create two new and original PPC campaigns from scratch.

We divided up the project into a generic campaign for used cars, as well as a branded campaign to promote the business.

Next on our list was the creation of high quality webcopy to help convert the interested leads into customers, and matching them with our target user groups. This way we can achieve the best results for the highest click through rates.

In order to ensure the leads would be relevant for the client, we also added location details for the target user groups, to ensure the visitors would be local and therefore a match for the business.

Creating Quality Landing Pages

Previously all the ad campaigns redirected visitors to the front of the client’s website. 

‍This is generally not a good idea when it comes to lead generation, as the frontpage rarely has been optimized to convert visitors into leads, and instead serve as a sort of welcome page.

‍To achieve better than average results, we decided on creating high quality landing pages that were specifically designed for the target users, and optimized for generating converting leads.

In practice that meant designing the page with the main theme of used cars. We noticed that other similar campaigns usually redirected visitors to their catalog pages to allow the visitors easy access to the listings.

Our landing page gathered up the various details from the visitor, and had a call to action for the user to browse the listings of used cars.

Our process allowed the sales personnel to get information on a large number of interested people, as quickly as possible from the first visit on the website.

The effects

To sum up, our process went like this: First we had to correct the tracking configuration to work properly, then create new campaigns from scratch, develop converting web and ad copy, and then design and create the custom landing pages. Once that was all done, we could activate the campaign…‍ did not take long for the first lead to materialize, and after that there was no slowing down.

‍We managed to generate more than 700 leads within the first 3 months of the campaign!

The client also received an additional 1000 website hits to other pages than the landing pages, as well as nearly 100 people looking for directions.

There are still opportunities for this campaign, such as creating more specific landing pages for the individual vehicle types, such as used trucks, used SUVs and so on.


Even a campaign that at first glance appears to be ineffective, can be managed into success with the right ideas and execution.

If you are looking for an expert team of PPC managers, our employees have the experience, passion and expertise to help generate more leads for your business, which will increase your investment and lead to better results overall!

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