Now The Operations Of Salons Have Achieved A Smart Approach Through Beu

Concept Behind BEU

Meeting with the best hair and beauty professionals in your local area has now become easy with Beu. Isn’t amazing you can book and pay within a couple of taps and reschedule your appointment without making an awkward call. That’s why it is being called the future of salon management & booking.

Problem Statement

Due to the presence of multiple users & salon inventories, booking slot management was a big issue. Preventing ROTA so that it won’t affect Salon’s holiday & events, and allowing salon operators & management to create an event of their choice.

Client's Requirement

A one-stop best salon management system was desired to manage entire salon operations through a well-versed digital app. It was meant to be designed as a model that can manage unlimited bookings, client on the go.

Why Beu is preferable as a salon management app?

Increase your customer base through your exciting portfolio.

No cash or card is required, customers can use Apple Pay for payment & Manage unlimited bookings, unlimited clients, unlimited employees in no time.

Manage your entire salon operation, through your phone.

Value Delivered

Developed an advanced online scheduler with a calendar that empowers users to book & cancel appointments anytime as per the salon’s schedule. It also allows Salon management & owners to manage their bookings as per their schedule. A separate algorithm was developed to prevent any margin of error in managing multiple salon bookings.

Smart Salon System

Presenting a smart salon system that allows customers to get an inside view of authentic reviews and a professional portfolio of beauty salons so that they book their appointment with utmost confidence, even at short notice. Amazingly, it also offers a one-month free trial for beauty salon users.

The Result

Our team successfully delivered the Beu app, a smart salon management system, with all the functionalities and empowered salon owners and customers to manage bookings through a salon app.

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