A Parent Companion For Child Development

Concept Behind Maro

BeforeWeBegin is a digital health content-as-a-service company using AI-enabled technologies to revolutionize the way K-8 kids and the adults who shape them engage with mental health, wellness, and sex education. We do this by creating a diverse set of original digital content-at-scale covering topics in mental, emotional, and sexual development. We then distribute this content through our parent-facing mobile companion, Maro, which allows parents to document their child’s mood & events on a day-to-day basis and uses this information to create a personalized roadmap so that parents know when to talk to their child about what.

Make Parenting Feel Easier

Maro empowers parents to track concerns like Mental health, Personal safety, and more of their children. It allows parents to track the emotional state of their children in relation to other areas to detect patterns and identify areas that can improve.

Why Maro?

If you are struggling with emotional problems or simply want to be more aware of your mood and well-being.

Minddoc Accompanies You With Daily Questions.

Mood Journal Of Your Children

Track your emotional state in relation to other areas in your life to detect patterns and identify areas that can improve.

The Right Questions

As a personalized mental health companion, MindDoc checks on you three times a day with questions that “learn” from your responses. These questions generate Insights and other resources most relevant to your emotional health.

Minddoc Accompanies You With Daily Questions.

Resources To Help

Maro offers a wide range of courses, guided meditations, sleep aids, and other resources to help you improve your children’s emotional health.