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Concept Behind Campsez

CampsEZ is an online platform to allow quick and easy registration, organize, consolidate, and collect camp information. The platform expertise is in camp availability, scheduling, cost options, and finding the right fit for children, adolescents, and adults.

Discover & Share The Best Experiences

Explore one a kind camping experience and platform to review, share, and explore the year-round offerings of camp establishments and activity providers both near and far who have built adventure-based fun and education.

Problem Statement

Hosting information about each camp and connect it to the partner website. The info has to be complemented with the activity level and other details in an organized fashion. Preparing a personalized user profile based on previously attended camps. Integrating a consolidated payment method, so one payment can be done for all camps

Client’s Requirement

Setting up two user interfaces: One for camps (a CRM system) to see how many people have signed up, when etc. And one for parents to sign up for camps, search, compare, etc.

Authorization must be approved by both parties, user profiles can friend request other parents and see what camps their children plan on attending

For every camp to begin, a confirmation email sent to parents, a confirmation email sent to the camp organizer

Mission Statement

Pioneering the concept of community development through camp participation. It leads the marketplace in camp innovation and strategy to get kids learning in their local environments. Providing customers with a reputable, and reliable data source to make educated decisions about where their children can experience childhood to its maximum potential.

Value Delivered

An online platform to allow quick and easy registration, organize, consolidate, and collect camp information

A one-stop platform for all the camp organizers to come and connect with the community in the best possible way

For complete transparency, all camps integrate with the public rating and review system

Easy accessibility to see recent camp attendance and presence

Join The Community

CampsEZ allows counselors, directors, and program managers to use a variety of tools to help keep your customers happy and involved. Give a picturesque feel to the community through the pictures of your activities and camps