Turn Loose Change Into Spending Money Without Having To Sort, Roll, And Take It To The Bank

Concept Behind Coinstar

Founded in 1991, Coinstar is a one-of-its-kind concept, which turns all the loose change into cash through its kiosk. Now, they are working with more than 20,000 kiosks in different countries and have already marked a 1 billionth transaction.

Problem Statement

With more than 20,000 kiosks in different regions and a lot of data. An app platform to limit results specific to the region as desired. And to deliver a more personalized experience, they need a functionality that can show results as per the default location of the customer was also needed.

Technical Challenges

To plugin with third parties library with both the platform, Android and iOS, is a task to cut for us.

In that scenario, the library compatible with iOS was not working with Android. Additionally, the loading time of the map location was slow because of the massive number of 20,000 kiosks.

In React Native, maps are managed by a third-party library for both platform iOS and Android, which is not the case with Native apps. So it was difficult to manage the functionality of maps with native apps.

Deliverables On Problem Statement

Our developers put a limit on APIs to decrease the loading time of results, and for more refined results, we restricted the map locations results to the count of 10 so that the users can only get the relevant results as per their location.

Have A Look At Some Attributes

Their global base has now reached 8 locations including the UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Spain, and many more to come.

Coinstar's business model also includes a charity feature, in which you can donate directly at the kiosk to the charity organizations and make every coin count.

Transacting through Coinstar is always an amazing experience. Share it on the platform with all your peers

Coinstar allows you to make your profile with all the customization and empowered you to track every detail of all your transactions

The Result

The Blue creative Development Wing Helped Coinstar To Manage And Channelize Their Data To Present Region-specific Results To The Customers Through A Customized App.

Front-end Development

React Native

Back-end Development

Node js


Android, iOS