Ai Algorithms Continuously Analyze The Person’s Facial Movements

Concept Behind Napdetect

NapDetect alerts you if you are distracted, drowsy, or falling asleep. Designed to keep drivers alert and safe during road trips. Additionally, the app is a great tool for studying or night shifts. NapDetect can be used while driving at nighttime. The app has overlay features for daytime and nighttime driving.

Our Projects Challenges

App only works fine with some specific angles as the position of the camera depends upon its placing the System gets failed frequently during the night in multiple cases App only works fine with high-end devices and gets failed frequently when processed on low-end devices.

The non-availability of SDK for Android was a huge issue system wants light and a perfect ambiance to detect face expression.

Solutions We Delivered

Derive and implemented a formula that works in all the detection angles

Artificial Intelligence-Powered Platform

NapDetect’s AI algorithms continuously analyze the person’s facial movements and head position by processing images from the front-facing camera of the device in real-time.

Easy To Use

NapDetect can be downloaded on any smartphone. The setup is simple. NapDetect can be used while driving at night and works in parallel with many navigation apps on your device.

NapDetect Training Each person has unique facial features. NapDetect Training will enable the AI algorithms to better analyze and detect whether the person is distracted, drowsy, or falling asleepKeep your eyes on the road

NapAlert If the AI algorithms detect the person is distracted, drowsy, or falling asleep, then NapDetect will trigger a distraction or nap alert. The alert tones can be changed in Settings.Through real-time analyzing and tracking of facial movements and head position, NapDetect’s AI-powered safety solution detects distractions and signs of drowsiness.

Implemented Google API so that the app can work with the multiple Android phones

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