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What is Maro?

The company behind the popular app is BeforeWeBegin. They are a SaaS-based company specializing in integrating AI with the development of children. Their mission is to create a world where parents and children can benefit from the app by using it to further enhance various topics such as mental health, sex education and even wellness in general. This is achieved by developing a model containing a large amount of data on the different subjects with regards to feelings, hormones and the bodily changes we all experience in our life. This content is then curated and streamlined into easy to read and apply articles and techniques targeted for parents. The app also allows parents to record precious moments and keep a logbook of daily development for the child in order to deliver a customized set of goals and topics for the parent to discuss with their child.

Eliminating The Friction In Parenting

Maro is an app that helps parents or guardians keep focus on the softer aspects of a child’s development, those that are not as visible as the physical changes that occur during this age. Maro achieves this by letting parents be a part of the child’s concerns with regards to mental health, personal safety and other similar topics. The AI will then analyze the concerns and suggest a focus on certain topics to help the child develop their understanding.

Why Maro?

Great for helping parents connect with their children and provide accurate and up to date information about topics all children are curious and possibly scared about.

Get Insights Into Your Child

Learn more about your child and their emotions, develop a stronger bond with each other, and let the AI do the hard work of analyzing which areas could be improved and discussed at any given time.

Emotional Health

MindDoc is an app designed to help you note down your emotional state during the day, using algorithms to determine the questions it asks based on your previous responses. Over time this data will lead to a greater understanding of your emotional health, and the app will also provide various resources for you to learn even more.

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