The Platform That Makes It Easy To Browse Camp Opportunities

‍The Concept Behind Campsez

The goal with CampsEZ was to create an app that serves as a platform for browsing, organizing and managing camps around the country. Eliminating the need for submissions via paperwork, the app makes it easy to find activities for children, adolescents and adults to register, schedule, find information and look up prices. 

A Modern Overview of Camping Options

The app itself is a powerful solution for anyone looking to learn more about the various camp establishments. The app makes it easy to view the different reviews, packages and services all around the country to ensure the best level of fun and enjoyment.

The challenge

Showcasing a large number of different camps, the app needed the data to be sorted and stored correctly before being displayed to the end users. The project also includes details for activity levels and other noteworthy information, all formatted to the correct standards for a consistent user experience. Furthermore, the app also offers the option of individual user accounts for customers, which includes history of previous camp experiences and also integrates payment processors to allow a complete solution for booking camps.


The mission of CampsEZ is to create a community of like minded people who wish to experience an easier way of managing and handling everything related to camp establishments. By using modern technology coupled with time honored traditions, the app is able to provide a low-cost service of high quality that is coupled with a secure layer to ensure the safety of everyone involved. 

‍Join The Community

The app is not just for parents however. The app also makes it possible to manage individual camps, by adding a local community with the option for sharing images and other relevant information to entice users and create the sense of a connected community.

Makes it easy to view the latest statistics for the camp

All establishments use the same public algorithms for calculating user reviews and ratings

A fully featured platform with everything managers and parents need to make informed decisions and manage a community.

A seamless integration of administrative services such as booking, scheduling, organizing and more.

An effective digital system for email confirmations to both parents as well as managers and counselors that makes it easy for everyone to look up specifics directly on their smartphone.

Other user accounts can add friends within the app to see more data about each other. This is protected by a two-sided confirmation process, meaning both parties must agree to requests for safety. 

Complete platform with separate frontends for the camp establishments and the parents to allow a seamless interaction without distractions, whether it be for managers to handle administrative tasks, or for parents to book and schedule camp trips. 

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